Hillsborough: Why Norman Bettison’s Self-Serving Book Is Entirely Discredited

Hillsborough: Now To Stop Demonising Football Fans

HILLSBOROUGH changed irrevocably the lives of 96 families, and thousands of survivors, writes DAVID WEBBER.  It was, as Neil Atkinson has powerfully and rightly argued, a national disgrace. It prompted a cover up to which successive governments would be complicit, and...
Hillsborough: The Sun Shines Now

Hillsborough: The Sun Shines Now

I DIDN’T want to write about Hillsborough this week. I’ve found the right words in short supply. How can you ever do the 96 JUSTICE? But, equally, how can you write about football during such a momentous, emotional week? Never have I felt the build up so low key...
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