NIKE have arrived.

The new kit, the teal trim. Chambo saying Nike in his best Scouse accent and then a big debate as to whether it’s Nike or Nike-y. (It’s Nike.)

We want to let you know about something that TAW will be involved in. Nike’s partnership with the club will see them commit in the first place to supporting a local community initiative in Toxteth, and this is something that we have been working on with them for a number of months.

Nike, alongside TAW, will work with Earl Jenkins and Kingsley United, Merseyside’s most diverse footy team to create a Kingsley United girls’ team, a BAME youth leadership forum in partnership with other organisations in the city, and a bursary scheme for a BAME coaching course.

We’re excited that we’ll be working alongside Nike to create real change for young people in the area and we’ve been dead impressed by their vision. Not once have we talked about the kit, instead about how they can make an impact in the community by enabling the city’s young people.

That means a lot more to me than the shade of red on the shirt. The Anfield Wrap have always tried to champion causes, initiatives and individuals that matter to the local community and so we will tell the story of what we’re doing in Toxteth throughout the next few months.

There will be a Cup of Tea with Earl released this week, but before all of this we have an interview with Alisson Becker that’s just gone out on TAW Player.

We hope this will be the start of working with Nike on projects across the city and we will be looking to work with them to make the most of any opportunities and then tell the story with you all.

New Balance leaves the city as a football brand whose kits are iconic because of this period of success.

We hope Nike leaves as a brand that produced memorable kits for all the right reasons, but also one which enabled practical change within the city not just for the short term, not just for a launch, but over years to come.

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