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Liverpool 0 Stoke City 0: Match Ratings

Liverpool 0 Stoke City 0: Match Ratings

FUCKING Stoke. I’m going home for a cup of tea in a glass. Going to smash the living daylights out of all of me bowls, cups, plates and anything that looks like they might make it in Stoke. Single-use plastic lad, that’s where it’s at. Use it once, lash it in the sea....

Liverpool v Stoke City: The Big Match Preview

I DIDN’T sleep last night. Spent the small hours fighting with my pillow, turning the TV on and off, getting up to take unneeded pisses. I’m not in a fit state now. I’m a troubled soul. Why? I’ll tell you why. Sadio Mane is injured. And Liverpool have a European Cup...
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