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CAN you imagine the conversation? Because I can’t.

“Alright lads, yeah, what we’ll do is all chip in and get an aeroplane to fly over Anfield with a banner on the back saying ‘Rodgers out Rafa in’.”

In any group of Liverpool fans I can think of the reply would likely form just two words, aggressively delivered, the second being ‘off’.

Most match-going fans I know pride themselves on supporting the club; like to think Liverpool are different, are better. We get behind the team; cheer on the Reds, intimidate the opposition and pressure the officials to call everything our way. We make better banners and sing better songs. We’re more passionate than anyone else and wouldn’t consider booing our own. That’s what I was brought up on.

Many of these traditional fans now think Brendan Rodgers isn’t the best man for the Liverpool job. They’ll say as much in the pub or on forums but once in the confines of the ground it’s all about the Reds. Back them. Support them. The rest is for another time.

Hiring a plane? Dickhead behaviour. Standing there with Rodgers Out written on a piece of paper? Fuck off. “You’re not singing anymore”? Nah. Soccer AM ‘banter’. Not for us.

Liverpool fans number in their millions around the world and in their thousands at the match so blanket statements about supporters should always be avoided. Nevertheless, this cringeworthy plane-flying waste of money, which will have some banter kings somewhere fist-bumping each other in delight, has led to the inevitable sweeping analysis about everyone that supports the club.

“Did you see what the Liverpool fans did? Hired a plane with a ‘Rodgers Out’ banner on it.”

This small-time crap wasn’t in my name, and thousands of others will feel the same.

If a Liverpool fan is responsible for this — and there is no evidence that is the case beyond an anonymously-run Twitter account that claims to be in Liverpool — then they need to have a massive word with themselves. If it’s a fan of another team — ditto. Haven’t you got something better to spend your money on? Here’s a thought for you, put it here.

Not only is this banner embarrassing and now high on the news agenda what message does it send out about Liverpool fans aside from the obvious?

Yeah, come back Rafa. Because we’re a bunch of fickle twats that the minute it goes wrong will get right on your case. We’ll pay for a plane to fly over the ground to make sure you feel under pressure. So that even when you win, you’re asked about your job.

Remember when loads of people in the ground spat venom at you in the game against Atletico Madrid and called you a ‘fat Spanish waiter’? Your own fans, the people backing the team you managed? Fancy that again? Come back. We want you in. The other fella didn’t win the league last season and now we’re fifth. Only Chelsea, Man City Arsenal and Man United have performed better than us in the league over the course of the season but his time is up. Get him out. Look at our plane. We’re the best supporters in the world. Come back, all is forgiven.

If a Liverpool fan is responsible for that banner it’s another sign that the identity of the club and the fanbase is being lost. Calling players in the red all kinds because they miss a chance. Holding up shit A4 messages. Flying planes. Booing your own players. Singing “you’re not singing anymore” to the best fans Anfield has seen this season. And yes, again, half and half fucking scarves.

It’s not the game I knew. A game increasingly being infested by bad, bad dickheads.

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