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Liverpool 3 Cardiff City 1

a) In front of goal, a game of two halves.
b) Liverpool probably should be better first half.
c) Rhythm question.
d) Personnel question.
e) Shame AOC and, especially, Gomez had COVID.
f) The subs.

First half chances

a) Lacking fluency.
b) Jones and Keita both disappointed really. Worry for chances for them a little but potentially so many games.
c) Movement.
d) Minamino off the right.
e) All Cardiff’s chances to make chances stemmed from Liverpool mistakes.
f) The weather.

Diogo Jota

a) 15 in 29 this season. No reason to think that is slowing down as a rate. Every chance he finishes on 25 all comps.
b) Getting between the posts.
c) Game broken by the opening goal from the set piece.
d) Loves the penalty box.

Elliott and Diaz.

a) Interesting how committed to Elliott centre mid, right side, he was. Led to Firmino and Henderson playing on the left.
b) So bright in everything he does. Goal terrific. Really good performance.
c) Wouldn’t have thought he had just been out for that long.
d) Interesting Henderson 8 and Milner 6 for a period there. Got to think that is about Henderson, not Milner.
e) Diaz taller than I thought. Brilliant for the Minamino goal.
f) Minamino’s 7th of the season. Fighting chance he ends the campaign with double figures which means…
g) Strange to say it but still don’t know his best position for us.

Thiago Alcantara/Strength in depth

a) Great to see him back too.
b) So important to us from here.
c) Strength in depth is now, suddenly, enormous. Between returns from injury, one signing, Covid hopefully passing.

Brings us to Leicester and AFCON.

a) Good that Mane scored that penalty. Don’t like seeing any of the lads upset though.
b) There will be a lot of chat about how much time both, but especially Salah has played. Think though Salah will want to blow any cobwebs. And Mane will be bouncing.
c) Going to take a bit of management.
d) Leicester battered by Forest.
e) Turn up to Anfield wounded. But that was the case with the away game. Need to remind them they are rubbish early.
f) Pick me a team.


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