Looking ahead to the FA Cup weekend, with the third round promising to throw up all kinds of the usual magic and madness.

Neil Atkinson hosts Mike Kearney, Jake Nolan, Tottenham Hotspur fan Paul Duhaney, Swansea City fan Guto Llewelyn and Middlesbrough fan Dan Gray…

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Third Round. Madness of the cup.
a) Covid a whole new element. How?
i) Unpredictability of fixtures.
ii) Unpredictability of selections.
iii) Idea some sides haven’t played for ages so may actually go stronger than normal.
iv) Big gap the other side for most sides too.

Friday night. Swindon/Man City
a) Already disrupted from City side and presume it gets worse.
b) No idea here now.
c) We could probably do with City going through!

The 3pms that stand out.
a) Newcastle could weirdly do with a cup run to look like a team. Nice home draw.
b) West Brom/Brighton.
c) Wigan/Blackburn. Both flying high.

The 5.30pms.
a) Hull/Everton. Feels like a thing.
b) Chelsea/Chesterfield. Feels like the biggest banker.
c) Yeovil/Bournemouth – massive for the south.

The 2pm Sundays
a) Charlton/Norwich
b) Liverpool/Shrewsbury
c) Spurs/Morecambe.

Tie of the round
a) Forest/Arsenal.


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