Previewing the weekend’s Premier League fixtures, including the Manchester derby and Antonio Conte’s first game as Spurs manager.

Neil Atkinson hosts Phil Blundell, Aston Villa fan Ben Anderson, Tottenham Hotspur fan Paul Duhaney, Manchester City fan David Mooney and Wolves fan Rich Hobbs…

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Southampton vs Villa first on Friday.

a) Villa and Dean Smith suddenly being under pressure.
b) What are Villa’s moves here?
c) Feel sorry for Dean.
d) The quandary of how to replace Grealish has proven difficult.
e) Results ebbing. Are performances?
f) Who defines how Villa play? I think it always helps knowing who your best player is.

Big win for Southampton last week

a) They will fancy this.
b) Currently really well organised. Whether or not actually good is up in the air.

Mancunian Derby. Here’s David Mooney.

The Famous Manchester United

a) Bloody rubbish against Atalanta. But they are in this wonderful position where the players are just a bit too good.
b) Who do they replace him with? It’s not at all clear now.
c) Surely any draw or better here means they defer the decision again.
d) Clouds and silver linings all over the pitch.

Leaving the 3pms to it unless anyone has anything pressing.

a) I am on stage at the Gravity Festival at 3 anyway talking about the Odyssey.


a) Brighton are good.
b) Newcastle are rudderless and if Brighton win here will be a minimum of 6 off the pace after 11 games.
c) Emery thing is dead interesting in terms of people trying to work out how to run a football club.
d) Should ask Brighton. They’ve been good at it for years.

Loads of Sunday 2pms.

a) Paul Duhaney to tell us how Tottenham are ruining Evertonian Sundays.
b) The managerial appointment.
c) The idea it had to happen. Nuno situation was bizarre really.
d) But being fair to Nuno left them only 5 behind WHU and 2 behind Man U.
e) Every single player can and will improve. Who will prosper under him?
f) Expecting a quick bounce? I am tbh.


a) Great game in prospect I think.
b) God, I like them you know. Who saw it coming?
c) Pick me a Liverpool team because I can tell you a West Ham one…


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