Free podcast looking back at Liverpool 2 Brighton & Hove Albion 2 in the Premier League, and ahead to Atletico Madrid in the Champions League.

Neil Atkinson hosts Ian Ryan, Harriet Prior and Ian Salmon…

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Liverpool 2 Brighton 2

a) A game in 3 phases. Want to do each of them. But first…
b) Two dropped. Really felt it, felt it while it was happening.
c) There are hard lines; Keita injury, Mane disallowed goal and their opening goal.
d) But we, perhaps unfairly, expect better. Expect much better.
e) Been in the post.
f) Last thing – they played ever so well second half. Sometimes you have to say well in.

Phase one – 0 to 35.

a) Liverpool much the better side.
b) Swamp Brighton; every Liverpool player wins his battles.
c) Who plays well?
d) What works?
e) Period ends with the disallowed goal. If Salah is as selfish as is occasionally suggested and blams it in then it might count.

Phase two – 35 to 65

a) Their goal.
b) Another disallowed goal but clear.
c) Liverpool seem to stutter at this stage.
d) Look a midfielder light and look a little tired, frankly.
e) Defensive line seems to disappear.
f) Robertson sweeping over in a really weird way.
g) They score and we are at sixes and sevens. Konate also not settled.

Phase three – 65 to end

a) Manager changes the shape but we are never right in attack.
b) Brighton tire, Lallana goes off.
c) They still seem more likely.
d) No coherent chance.


a) What should have been different? What were his moves?
b) What do they do? I think we need to be aware that no one smart engages our centre backs until around the penalty area. They literally avoid their areas.
c) And again they play well.

Getting ready for Atletico

a) First game they also play away from our centre backs.
b) Don’t see them massively changing their plan.
c) Who we need back and when.
d) Opportunity in the group.


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