Women in football discuss how their experiences as fans on matchdays, in stadiums and on social media, differ from their male counterparts…

Emilia Bona hosts Harriet Prior, Lizzi Doyle, Sian Bennett and Siobhan Biggane for an in depth panel about women’s experiences in football. Shadow Minister of Culture and TAW contributor Alison McGovern also joins the panel to talk about her experiences in football, and Jacqui McAssey talk Girlfans Zine and the diversity of female football fans.

  • Growing up loving football as girls and the family dynamics surrounding the game in their families
  • Finding their voices as young girls in the stands – and sneaking off to the pub!
  • The legacy and experiences of women attending matches at Anfield
    • Women’s matchday experiences around Anfield through the generations – the old paddock toilets!
    • How women are seen, visible and celebrated today
  • How women would love to feel invited and welcome in the pub atmosphere the same as men
    • Women want to lose themselves in the game just as much as men
    • Moving beyond the identity of being someone’s wife or girlfriend
    • The frustration of often being celebrated around instead of being celebrated with during big moments
  • Being torn between not wanting to rock the boat and having the confidence to speak out as a minority against sexism, homophobia and harassment in football
  • Dealing with groping or harassment in pubs, and having to display football knowledge as a form of self defense
    • “In this first 30 seconds that you hear me speak, I’m gonna let you know that I know what I’m talking about so that you don’t touch me, or treat me in a certain way.” – Lizzi Doyle

  • The struggle of always being overprepared as a female football supporters so no one ever doubts that you belong
  • The personal growth that comes from pursuing a sport they love, and the camaraderie between women in sport
    • How to encourage girls who love football
  • Women play the internet on a harder level – especially when it comes to football
    • Social Media – Creepy comments and people talking about what women wear rather than what they say
  • Telling stories from female football fans perspectives
    • Jacqui McAssey discusses the diversity within women’s football, especially highlighting older women’s contributions to the game
    • The panel discusses the problem of “shrink it and pink it” football merchandise for girls
    • The huge market for women’s football being overlooked with female merchandise
    • The difficulties and fears of female football fans on away days

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