Gareth Roberts hosts Rob Gutmann, Jay McKenna, Cathy Long and Damian Kavanagh to talk about Liverpool owners FSG and their role in the plans for a breakaway European Super League…

Gareth wrote on Twitter about Liverpool and The European Super League: “Never been behind the idea of more European football, and definitely not behind the idea with locked-in participants. It’s special now because it’s different, an adventure, because you can be in it but you also can be out of it and you don’t know who or where you’ll play.”

“It’s more elitist bullshit. Taking our game, our clubs, and trying to spin it into some kind of new ‘super event’ with prices adjusted accordingly no doubt. Again. The game is already out of reach of so many who love (loved) it – this would make it worse. Grim stuff. Really grim.”

Jay also wrote on his Twitter: “The governance of football summed up. Owners of a club can make huge changes that impact the idea of competition, never mind the impact on supporters and potentially players.”

“I’m firmly against a Super League so this is a good push back on those clubs. But the hypocrisy of UEFA, FA, the Premier League and others talking of ‘solidarity’ and criticising others ‘self interest’. A plague on all their houses.”

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