Neil Atkinson and John Gibbons love the playoffs more than life itself.

And with that in mind they have assembled a trio of callers offering insight into this year’s semi finals.

We start with Joel Clyne talking about Derby County. The scruffy late arrivers to the playoff party find themselves ahead of the Rolls Royce that is Fulham from the first leg. Can they hang on?

Dan Morgan (not that one) joins us from Heart Of The Holte. We all know the Holte End; one of English football’s most distinctive stands. Can they get back up next season and if they do will they be able to be competitive? It’s a huge ask for a huge club.

Drew Barnett from Fulhamish chats with us about this exciting Fulham side. They have played fabulous stuff all season but lost on the final day and have done so again in the first leg. Can they turn it around?

Everything you need in preparation for some great games from The Anfield Wrap.

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