The Anfield Wrap: Cherries Easy Pickings For Ravenous Reds

What a Liverpool side, what a Liverpool win. Are we in danger of become blasé about Liverpool’s brilliance? Of not noting the astonishing return this season?

Saturday was a game where the midfield stood out and did really well. They forced Bournemouth back and got on top. Anfield is becoming a fortress – we are the only side in the country unbeaten at home this year. It has been a fabulous season at Anfield. What has got us here?

Praise across the park for The Reds and an atmosphere building around the club. There has rarely been as good a time to watch Liverpool this decade.

We also have a chat about rail seating in light of West Bromwich Albion’s rejected application.

Paul Senior, Gareth Roberts and James McKenna are all in and Neil Atkinson is the host.

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  1. Agree with so much said today, excellent show … EXCEPT, I personally believe you are overhyping the squad strength a bit.
    The keeper has improved significantly, but I still think we can get better, and will need better if we want to win titles. The midfield is ‘doing a job’ – but MUST be seriously improved. Keita is an amazing start to that task.
    Finally, the Everton game proved again that we MUST, must bring in some attacking options who can cover the fab three and actually deliver goals. Ings and Big Dom are SO far below our regular scorers in terms of ability that it must be addressed.
    We’re in great shape … but Mane, Firmino and Salah hide many sins and weaknesses that still lurk within the team.

  2. James Lambert

    I honestly don’t think we need a Bobby Firmino replacement as such lads. When you think about it, it’s more important surely to get another versatile, wide-forward type in (a Draxler maybe, or a Zaha) because we already have at least two great players in Salah, and Mane, who can play centrally when Bobby needs a rest.

    I’m also not too worried about getting another CB in when we have Lovren and Joe Gomez to come in. We seem pretty well stocked at RB with Trent and also Clyne, so perhaps KLopp is looking at next season, as the time to bring Joe in as an under-study to ‘Big Virg’ (copyright Gareth ‘Robbo’ Roberts) and ‘Deggsy Lovro’.

    I can’t remember the lady’s name yesterday on the post-match show, who mentioned how much she genuinely loves this Liverpool team/ squad, and I have to reiterate that feeling myself. I don’t want to go overboard, but this just feels like a wonderful side in every department. Not just ‘defence/Mid/Attack, but also, in the way they are together, the way they play for each other, and the sheer exuberance emanating from the collective. I could watch Alex Oxo-Chambo speak in post-match interviews all day long, he just embodies that feeling of ‘writing your own story’.

    Okay, so I’m being a bit of a corn ball, but isn’t that what life, and this unbelievable club of ours is all about?

  3. Charlie Stubbs

    Another great podcast – I like the way other fans criticise us for being dreamers and deluded because that just shows our ambition. For example, I’m concerned that our participation in the Club World Cup will damage our league title charge – that’s a ridiculous thing to be worried about but it didn’t stop me looking up when and where it was (mid-December in the United Arab Emirates).

  4. Blaze? No. Blasé – possibly.

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