The Anfield Wrap: Misery In Manchester As Jose Does A Job On Liverpool

With possibly only a derby defeat being more difficult to swallow, Liverpool returned from Manchester with nothing after a typically calculated performance from Jose Mourinho’s men saw them best Jurgen Klopp’s Reds by 2 goals to 1.

Reflecting on a sobering performance alongside Neil Atkinson this week are Ian Salmon, Ian Ryan and Rob Gutmann.

Did Liverpool get their just desserts or where they unlucky not to leave Old Trafford with a point? All this and more on this week’s free podcast.

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  1. Tipmeister

    Regarding Pawson you guys didn’t deal with him correctly. You said he was making bad decisions and is a crap referee, but he wasn’t making bad decisions against United, every time a United player was touched he was awarding them free kicks, could’ve booked Rashford many times not just the Trent incident, jumping into crowd, kicking the ball away, Valencia kung fu kick was a red. Ashley Young was man handling Salah every time kicking, pushing, pulling and Salah got no protection. What I wanted to hear from you is Pawson is a corrupt referee along with Anthony Taylor both of whom hate Liverpool just like thier hero Howard Webb. As long as corrupt Referees exist in EPL we will find it impossible to win the title unless we are perfect like Man City.

    • Yeah, I understand the desire for TAW to sound like sensible grown ups but sometimes you have to call a spade a spade. That the same referee can give a penalty for Calvert-Lewin against Lovren and not Mane against Fellani is absurd (not to mention the other non-decisions), there is a no way a premier league ref can be that incompetent (John Moss aside). Also, I’m sure if you watch other matches he officiates he does a decent enough job.

      It happened in Italy and I think you have to be pretty naive to think it couldn’t happen in the PL. I’m sure Ferguson’s old boy network is still alive and kicking throughout the football establishment. I mean the head of the PGMOL is Mike Riley (, I don’t think it is a stretch to believe that if you want to progress in your career as ref there are games where it is known you need to give the “right” decisions.

      I reckon that as supporters it is important that we kick up a fuss and cause a scene after refereeing “performances” such as this is, as it is the only real check against this kind of corruption. The premier league is going to be very sensitive to its image in this regard, and we can’t expect to win titles with Fergie’s 12th man against us.

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