It’s ridiculous they let us do this. The Rider this week is quorate. Stephanie Heneghan is back and she is no longer unwell. She is, in fact, well. Very well. More within.

Neil Atkinson and John Gibbons have been to Berlin and are back to tell the tale. Has Adam climbed anything?

I mean this all seems rather mundane but it’s pretty much the most riotous 80 minutes of podcasting you can get. THRILL at John supporting Mary Beard. STAGGER at Steph’s chest infection. BE INSPIRED by Sooty and Sweep.

The songs are the business. The Rider is alive and well.


Jessica Boudreaux – Pulling Away

Lindstrom – Sorry But It Isn’t (Feat. Frida Sundemo)

Sumie – Fortune

Beach Slang – Bad Art And Weirdo Ideas (Quiet)

Flight Facilities – Stranded feat. Broods, Reggie Watts & Saro

The Zephyr Bones – Juglar Child On The Carousel

N.E.R.D. & Rihanna – Lemon

Haarm – Love In A Different Way

Floating Points – Ratio

Native Sun – I Don’t Mind

Direct: The Rider – Sooty And Sweep

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