Cup Of Tea: Amanda Jacks on Stewarding And British Transport Police

Gareth Roberts is joined by Amanda Jacks, a caseworker for The Football Supporters’ Federation who helps fans with policing and stewarding issues.

The standard of stewarding is discussed, alongside a recent documentary screened on Channel 4 which focused on fans and “trouble on the trains”.

It’s the third in a series of podcasts focusing on perception of football fans, how they are policed and stewarded, and how they are portrayed by the media.

We’ve previously spoken to Chief Superintendent Owen West about policing methods, which you can listen to free here and Professor Clifford Stott, who researches police and crowd behaviour. That show is also free and can be listened to here.

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  1. Not sure if Amanda reads these comments. I wanted to comment in vague terms. I was disappointed last Wednesday after the work Amanda put into getting the restrictions lifted and I know she was there with the police. I wanted to talk about some of it from a fans perspective rather than the police side of things. Apart from a few handbags at the ground before the match and ‘the incident’ it probably went ok. Regarding the incident it was unfortunate really. The handful of home fans involved went to the suburbs in the afternoon to keep out the way. They have a local on the other side of town to the suburb they were in though and at some point were going to walk there through the town. It was extremely unlucky timing. Given the animosity there was only one outcome and one could argue self defence in that scenario. The home lads involved were gutted about it but after drinking all day and the mentality that ensues in a group it’s no surprise and can’t be defended. But, there’s no way they’d have chosen that course. There was no sense of bravado after, just a load of deflated lads who’d wished they’d phoned cabs instead of walking. They then went to a suburb even further out rather than the intended local to keep out the way. It’s not my scene but I was at the game in their block with them as it’s a small town and I know them. After the game we all went back to the local again and the police sat outside in 3 or 4 vans. No one made any attempt to leave the pub. They were there for a post match drink then everyone wandered their own ways. Point of this is to say I know first hand it wasn’t planned and believe it or not wasn’t wanted on one side. They’re just young lads who want some form of identity and not necessarily the other side of it. It’s more about image. Other than that unfortunate timing it passed off well. I thought the police were noticeably better and didn’t inflame the situation after the handbags. There was also an incident at the end when the players on the pitch had a flag that seemed to incense the home fans. The police defused it well. I was observing it all as I’ve listened to all the Cup of Tea’s on here and found it more interesting than the game. It was so close to being a 100% success. Just the bad timing.

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