Neil Atkinson is back. But Stephanie Heneghan is away. A real shame but Neil ploughs on regardless with Adam Melia and John Gibbons talking about his seemingly endless holiday and GLOW because we all love GLOW now.

More? Adam has a Gig Of The Week, John has been having beef with a world famous author though her partner is amongst the soundest. Is Soundcloud in crisis? We don’t know but we have a chat. Lack of knowledge has never stopped us before.

More? 9 great songs. Tracklisting below. You can’t argue with them. I dare you.

And we have podcasts under the bed. Piles of them.

Much love as per. It is The Rider. Come get it.

1. Adult Moon – Full Screen
2. The Deslondres – She Better Be Lonely
3. The Gorries – There But For The Grace Of God
4. Salt Cathedral – Always There When I Need You
5. This Is The Kit – Moonshine Freeze
6. Trevor Sensor – High Beams
7. Uniiqu3 Bootleg; Cardi B – Bodak Yellow
8. Broken Social Scene – Protest Song
9. Mikey Young – Lord Barrel

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