Cup of Tea: Tony Barrett

Following his recent appointment as Head of Club and Supporter Liaison at Liverpool FC, Tony Barrett joins Gareth Roberts, Neil Atkinson and John Gibbons to discuss his new role.

What are the challenges? How did the job come about? And what is (and isn’t) within Tony’s remit?

All this and more in the Cup of Tea show.


  1. That was bloody brilliant. Fair fucks to Tony, really honest interview and sounds almost like he sees the job as a vocation. Really enjoyed that. And best of luck to him in the role. He’s absolutely ideal for it in every way I can think of.

  2. Top man Tony. No 1 priority has to be atmosphere which is sadly lacking nowdays at Anfield.

  3. Thank you to the TAW lads and Tony for the interview, it was honest, from the Heart and informative.

    I had a couple of thoughts whilst he was talking, firstly. The Michael Owen petition. It is true that some people do not like him representing our club and sometimes the stuff that comes out of his mouth doesn’t align with being an ambassador- but he is one of many ex players that represent our club. In the theme of “the club does a lot of great things and we should speak out more about them”, many of the fans do not get to see or even know how many ambassadors we have and what they do from a day to day basis – why not have an area on our website where it lists all of our ambassadors and what they do for he club – not everyone can afford LFC Tv and get to see a bit more in depth what the ambassadors do.

    In terms of fans leaving you alone to enjoy being a fan! In one of my old jobs the managing director had cards (like business cards) that said, sorry would didn’t have time to talk today – but I would like to hear your thoughts and suggestions, please email me at….. it’s a bit wanky but it’s a way to let the fan know that your here to watch the match or you are here to eat a meal with the family etc – so now isn’t the time but you do care and you will listen!

    Good luck

  4. Great stuff.

    FSG have always tried to improve the club imo to the extent we’re now in great shape.
    Mistakes have been made but learned from. Our income / debt has determined our path and put us at a disadvantage in the early years. Now we’re in good shape there too and it will be reflected in the window.
    The people who say FSG don’t want success, all about profit, only care about the Red Sox are clueless about how the club works and how successful businessmen work. I find it infuriating.

    The reason for the above is, everyone said ‘arrgh, Tony will sort them out’. I found it refreshing to hear him say this is about improving the club and processes. We’re doing ok but could touch up on a few things which Tony could help greatly with. It’s a great move and this gave some insight into how LFC are looking to get things right. FSG don’t need to be a natural enemy. We can all work towards the same goal if only we were a bit more clued up as to the aims and processes.

    Very pleased to hear the Michael Owen thing was nothing to do with him. Didn’t know until hearing this. When I saw it I was embarrassed for him. Thought it was crass and unnecessary. Great stuff. I’d bet his dad would be very proud.

  5. Fuckin crackin cuppa tea Gareth. Tony’s appointment doesn’t half say a lot about the positive way our club operates and he’s a supporter of that there is no doubt. FSG doing the right things now after some teething problems and coming to terms with our Scouse Nation mentality. The latter is always hard for ‘Auslanders’ to grasp. Having said that Klopp got it very quickly, but he’s a Schwabe and they are reknown in Germany as people who get on with others.

  6. Finally TAW got a representative of LFC in the house and they act like little school boys.
    I´m pretty sure Tony Barrett gets a pay raise after this interview.He handled you guys pretty well so far.

    TAW the voice of the LFC fanbase!

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