Tennis - Wimbledon Championship - Day 5 - Gentlemen's Singles - 3rd Round - Philipp Kohlschreiber (GER) v Roger Federer (SUI)SUMMER. I love it. As much as Kanye adores Kanye. Probably more (if that’s possible). But if heat is the dog’s dingly-danglies, hot air is its diarrhoea that you have to scoop up.

And it’s everywhere. Especially on Twitter. You’ll find truck loads of it there.

There have been more weather warnings than players linked with Liverpool over the last few days, which is remarkable, but there really should have been some sort of caution on the stifling fume hovering over the club.

There are some who cannot stomach the current owners. And the manager. The captain-in-waiting? Bin that and give the armband to the lad-desperate-to-leave. The incoming backroom staff? They should sod off and they haven’t even been officially announced yet. The chief executive, Nivea as a sponsor, the chef, the woman with the red hair at the Anfield club shop: THEY’RE ALL NOT GOOD ENOUGH. NOTHING AT LIVERPOOL IS GOOD ENOUGH.

Snide is in style. Fume is the fashion.

The club should do whatever it is they aren’t doing, until of course they do just that. Some are not satisfied unless they’re picketing and poisoning. Even when the majority celebrated the signing of Firmino, they were still promoting their placards of Ifs and Buts.

‘If he was really that special, Manchester United would have done everything to get him.’

‘But he’s no Luis Suarez.’

GER, 1. FBL, 1. FC Nuernberg vs TSG 1899 HoffenheimThese are the sort you can do zero about. Nothing pleases them more than their own discontent. On Monday, it emerged Liverpool were set to land Bobby Adekayne, a 16-year-old from Barcelona’s super gifted supply chain. A fan immediately tweeted me to inform me it was “obvious they have decided he is not good enough for them,” which was preceded by him asking “why would they sell him if he was that promising?”

The only obvious thing was that he hadn’t read anything about the player, or the situation and instantly decided a negative stance was the right one. Too often for too many, this is the default setting.

Some didn’t get past Sean O’Driscoll’s name after it was reported that he’ll be Liverpool’s new assistant manager. It wasn’t Spanish enough. Neither was it prefixed with ‘Pep Guardiola’s deputy’ or ‘a disciple of Jurgen Klopp’ — you know, the automatic quality assessment tool.

Others got as far as the right sidebar on Wiki. Lower leagues. That was that. There are those who haven’t bothered to do the ABCs on him yet they’re busy F-ing away.

Some who put in the effort to research his philosophy only to find it’s in line with that of Brendan Rodgers are crawling in their skin – it’s another sign that the manager, contrary to their every hope, is still the manager.

‘WHY HAVEN’T FSG MADE A STATEMENT BACKING HIM?’ Hiya, Liverpool’s spending thus far and the shaking up of the backroom team under his direction is worth much more than words.

‘WHY HASN’T BRENDA (yeah, that’s dead clever) SAID ANYTHING ABOUT THE NEW SIGNINGS?’ Lads, have you not been mouthing off about how he mouths off too much?

European Football - UEFA Champions League - Group B - Real Madrid CF v Liverpool FCBefore, like a piece of Nandos chicken, I get flame-grilled to perfection — there is absolutely nothing wrong with questioning things, being concerned about stuff, feeling underwhelmed, and having healthy debates; it is all part of being a supporter.

But there is absolutely everything wrong with being so determinedly against whatever your club is doing. For the sake of it. I honestly think it has become routine for a bunch — as natural as brushing their teeth every morning and closing their eyes every evening.

Like most, I think about Liverpool a lot. I worry a lot. I question a lot. It’s my job, but moreover, it’s my passion. As I’m sure it’s yours. And yours…

The pursuit of Christian Benteke alone keeps me up most nights, partly because I can’t understand it, but also because I am desperate to comprehend it. If he does line up for Liverpool, I want him to smash all my question marks into the back of the net. I want him to give my reservations the biggest of Fuck Yous. And then some.

I cannot imagine stewing in a state of constant negativity, or being fuelled by finding fault in everything.

Like most, I don’t want to be right about Liverpool. I want to be right with Liverpool.

And that’s the thing — LIKE MOST. Those who, above everything else, want the club to climb and conquer outnumber those clothed in their unrelenting thirst for cynicism and ‘I told you sos.’

We just need to make sure it stays that way.

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