Ben Johnson’s player ratings for The Anfield Wrap after Liverpool 4 Luton Town 1 in the Premier League at Anfield…


AHH man, that’s what it is all about.

The 25 minutes after half time, Anfield was feral. Like a wild beast. An organism. A flock of starlings. A fucking murmuration; an angry, snarling, horrible murmuration of fans and players flying into everything, as one.

Every move instinctive, reactive, coordinated and, ultimately, fucking joyous. A fanbase acutely aware of the players need for support, of the team decimated by injuries needing a win. An 11 that ran harder, faster, stronger than any cunt before or since, who took no as a non-answer and just scratched yes lad into their very being.

That 20 minutes was Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool at its very best and, my god, is it good. As good a win as you will see anywhere and I couldn’t care fucking less that it was only Luton.

Kelleher: 6

Imagine you meet the best bird you have ever met, you are maybe punching a bit, but lad, you are a solid seven out of 10, sound, got a good job. Prospects on the up, and things are going well. Six months everyone’s happy. You have plans. Little holiday here, possible little move-in there, maybe a little proposal there.

And then you go to a family party and meet her long-term ex, who is fucking Alisson Becker, a rockstar. Turns up in a tux, the cunt. Her ma loves him. The dad is buying all his ale. Arm round his neck, tie round his head, propping up the bar. Reminiscing. And you are in the corner with your loafers and chinos on. Polite and nice and shit at dancing.

Feel sorry for him really because how the fuck do you replace the greatest keeper in Liverpool’s history and not get slaughtered for not being as good? Would Alisson have saved the first shot for their goal? Yes.

But remember that fucker before him who went unconscious in a European Cup final and did a overhead kick for Bale or whatever, this fella is well better than him. And the absolute bastard before him who made himself narrower on a one-on-one and got up after he had conceded a goal like an old man who had fallen over at the bus stop? Christ, he couldn’t lace his boots.

Perspective is a mad thing.

Bradley: 8

Speaking of perspective, he may be the greatest full back in Europe. I’m not sure he played that well first half, but second half he is in the murmuration, right in the middle. Flicking his beak and all kinds are following him. Love that we were saving his legs for the final. Imagine him up and down that Wembley wing.

Virgil: 9

A man who frankly took exception to being jostled about with the manner and reaction of the Big Show getting slapped in the chops in the lobster pot, by a fella from St Helens. Fuck this, frankly.

Won everything and then figures out a little decoy for the corners, flings off his wrestlers like Arnie and bullets the first. He is bringing a will power to this team all on his own. Amazing.

Found himself upfront for a bit and looked insanely big, like someone had lashed a kit on a horse and taught it how to run on its back legs.

Quansah: 8

He just looks like a really good centre half playing in the best team in the league.

Joe Gomez: 7

Docked him a point because the crowd keep telling him to shoot and honestly it might put me in a grave.

I couldn’t believe the one in the first half. Honestly Joe, don’t fucking shoot mate, you aren’t very good at it, take no notice frankly of these dopey fuckers in the ground.

Honest to god, I couldn’t care less if he scores a hundred or none.

Endo: 9

I just love him to bits. With his little gumshield, all polite and respectful and he might just kick your cock off really apologetically, and then help you look for it while stomping it into the turf.

What a footballer. He is the one player I tell my lad to watch to learn how to play the game. He’s all angles and simplicity, and positioning, and brains, and thought, and tempo, and guile and, well, everything. What a signing.

Big Jorg, come in bought some boys, had a ciggy, shut his laptop, went the beach for six months, and stole this fella while working from home.

Mac Allister: 9

Great today. Really aggressive and calm and clever.

Would like him to get a skin head or grow his hair out. I don’t think his current effort suits him. Makes me uneasy. Puts me off him.

Gravenberch: 8

Great today. Really great close control, impressive work rate, did everything asked of him and more. One of his best displays for The Reds.

Elliott: 9

I’m not sure ive seen many players work harder than he did today. He didn’t stop running, whether it was working for him or not. Second half, he gets the rewards for his efforts, but seriously impressive today. Great finish.

Diaz: 8

Was both a constant threat first half and a fucking hindrance, in that his movement was great and really stretched them on the long ball. But then his decision making, first touch and overall play was so bad that he turned three certain goals for — I don’t know — Jota into a corner, a goal kick and loss of the ball.

Better second half, seemed a bit calmer, more relaxed. Great finish for his goal. Could have scored five.

Gakpo: 9

See Elliott in terms of work rate. Unreal graft. So pivotal to everything The Reds did today, really, in an attacking sense. Ran himself into the ground. The second goal, honestly, up there with the best moments under Jürgen for me. It went off.



Just come on and looked at his best which is very very fucking good.

Loads of kids come on and honestly they were all fucking boss. The lad upfront, Danns, what a player he is going to be. Just looks like he has got something about him. The kid in midfield, comes on and looks at ease. Like he has played 20 games for The Reds. I can’t even remember his fucking name here. McConnell?

There was a time last year when The Reds looked repeatedly like a poorly coached team. This year, we are making changes, massive changes to the team and we look the same. The fucking same. What an effort from Jürgen and his boys.

On to Wembley. Play the fucking kids.


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