Ben Johnson’s player ratings for The Anfield Wrap after Liverpool 1 Fulham 0 in the Premier League at Anfield…


Alisson: 8

Not a great deal to do, but made a good save when the line was all over the place first half. That said The Reds must have wanted to warm him up second half. Pretty nice of them, really.

Unreal save second half. The speed he covers the ground at is unbelievable. Reckon he could outrun a bear in the wild on all fours. And if he couldn’t he would probably barbecue the hairy fucker.

Trent: 9

The Reds’ best player first half by a fair way. So difficult to pick up, even when they are set with a big Sam double chippy 11 pie and chips behind the ball. Pulled the strings with the ball but so good out of possession getting back into shape, and so fucking good winning the ball back. He is playing a different game almost in this new position.

Not quite as good second half when The Reds were a bit shit in the main, but you know. That’s fine, isn’t it?

Virgil: 8

Had a fella behind me telling him to ‘deal with him’ every time they crossed our half and frankly, his head must have been kettled as a consequence because mine fucking was. Deal with him, who? Him? He’s fucking miles away and I’m here in my position exactly where I fucking should be. You fucking do it.

Had a bit of hard lines for the Alisson save first half as he was screaming at Konate and Tsimikas to get out in line with him and they never bothered, presumably because Virg was gonna deal with him. He didn’t. Won his battles all over the pitch, really.

Konate: 7

Played well again first half, just needs to watch that line now and again as he sleeps sometimes on the way out.

Tsimikas: 6

Did alright first half in a way that sort of completely ignored our new shape and new responsibilities. Did really well one on one with the big juice lad on the halfway line when he tried to over power him. If that shape is going to be a thing next year then he might need fucking off.

Fabinho: 6

Started well but, as with the whole of The Reds’ midfield, just lost some intensity after about 20 minutes and it became too easy for them to get out. Just can’t cover the ground anymore. Looks like he is playing with the tightest set of undies on the world has ever seen. Can’t flex his hips. Got his bird’s netball bills on.

Jones: 7

Impressed again with his work rate and his ability to keep the ball. I mean, first half he literally didn’t give it away once. Not fucking once. Had a good go at fucking the percentage second half when he fucked up an easy through ball and then got caught in possession two minutes later on the edge of our box. Like him, though. We would pay £40million for him if he didn’t play for us and we would all be made up with it.

Henderson: 8

Worked hard but just looks a bit leggy now and again. That said, was really good second half. Think he might need putting down now, though. Looked like he had run an ultra marathon by the final whistle. All the best if he is starting on Saturday.

Nunez: 6

Looks like he really had to think about working without the ball, like it’s an absolute task to him. Not natural at all. But when the cog ticks over and he does it, it fucking works. Really bad then really good for the pen. Fella was probably thinking he would be thinking about thinking about working without the ball. Needs more if he is going to become first choice.

Salah: 7

Great pen. Great work rate. Unlucky with the one where he skins the lad. Normally slots them. Gave away some sloppy balls when it just needed that final pass a few times. Don’t half miss him when he gets taken off, though.

Diaz: 7

Really good to have him back. Dangerous when he gets people squared up. Couple of great runs. Still finding his feet but will be unreal next year.



Couldn’t really get in it.


Did alright.


Kicked it out a few times


Played him on the left when The Reds were shite through the middle.



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