Ben Johnson’s player ratings for The Anfield Wrap after Liverpool 1 Aston Villa 1 in the Premier League at Anfield…


Alisson: 6

Can’t do much for the goal as there are two of the cunts ready to pounce. Unreal for the clever free kick when the lad is one on one. On him so quickly.

Trent: 5

Probably the first time a team has had a chance to really exploit the new shape. They just played in the right-hand side space behind and to the side of Trent/Henderson and every other central fucker.

Does well at times Trent, but there isn’t loads of movement in front of him and the chance he has had to play people in behind he’s overhit it.

Second half he had one of them games where everything he touched went wrong.

Konate: 7

Too easy for the pen. Too easy in the spaces switched off to that first time ball. Great movement and that, but too easy.

Virgil: 7

Played well first half, Virg. Got a cob on second half which was good.

Robbo: 6

Looked tired, Robbo, and played upfront for a bit when The Reds decided to play the narrowest formation the world has ever seen.

Fabinho: 6

Kicked a lot of people, possibly more than the ball. When the game got stretched we were just lacking off the ball and couldn’t keep the pressure on them. Too easy for them to get out. Did OK.

Jones: 5

Not in it first half at all. Not even a little bit. I mean there was zero space at all, but… Looked tired.

Henderson: 6

See Fab’s comments. As soon as they stretched us we couldn’t pinch the ball, sustain any pressure. Better when he went off.

Gakpo: 8

The Reds’ best player today. Plays about six positions and keeps the ball all day.

Salah: 7

A funny day as he kept trying to pass it through people. Was and then set up the winner with a delightful ball. Weird.

Diaz: 5

Nowhere near his best. Kept trying, but just kept running down blind alleys or chewing it. Again better when he went off.



Was great when he came on. Loads of energy.


Decent. Unlucky with the shot.


Really good when he came on. Should have done better with the one he cut back inside on.

Firmino: 9

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Was great that, wasn’t it? What a fella. Love the bones of him. Enjoys himself, doesn’t he? Something in that.

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