Ben Johnson’s player ratings for The Anfield Wrap after Liverpool 4 Tottenham Hotspur 3 in the Premier League at Anfield…


HA ha ha ha ha ha ha blueshite.

Alisson: 6

Couple of great saves when The Reds had a malfunction for a bit first half. One twat of a pass first half that seemed to send Robbo round the bend. Distribution wise, shite today. Made us nervous. Shite ball that turned into a match winner.

Ha ha ha ha pigeons.

Trent: 8

Enjoying that role, isn’t he? Fantastic first half an hour, looks so natural to him. What a ball for the Jones goal. Drifted out of it second half.

Konate: 6

Not at his best today. Sloppy a bit. Not quite first.

Virgil: 8

Ah man, unlucky there you know with the slip for their goal. That’s the best he’s played that first half for a long time. Great clearance off the line. Not sure what happened for the Richarlison goal, but frankly it was perfect and I couldn’t think of a better ending.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha blueshite. Extra point for the peril.

Robbo: 5

Was good until he wasn’t and then he was berserk, passing it to them and that, little one twos with Harry Kane’s big cow tongue. Mad 10 minutes. Didn’t really recover with the ball. Berserk.

Fab: 7

Really good again first half, when the spaces were tight around him and he didn’t have the world to cover.

Jones: 8

Great finish, bright enough, seemed to drift out of it first half. Pressed really well second half. Liverpool’s best player, actually.

Elliott: 6

Another game where he is OK. Not quite fast enough to play on the wing, not quite strong or physical enough to play in midfield.

Salah: 7

Loved the pen, takes some bollocks to hit it the way he did — unless it was a mishit in which case, fucking hell Mo. Might as well pack the footy in and join the wrestling lads given the disdain he is treated with by the refs.

Gakpo: 6

Great play first 20. Played relatively well, but that’s about it. Knitted it together well.

Diaz: 7

Cracking movement and cracking finish. Forgot that he tends to make a meal of a kick and thought he had snapped his bollocks off again. Was happy when he hadn’t.



Come on and that.


Needs to figure out where he fits really but a huge fan of him screaming at the fans.

Jota: 8

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha blueshite. Funny that. What a finish. Take your top Richi and pop it back on, you fucking big crab.

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