Ben Johnson’s player ratings for The Anfield Wrap after Liverpool 3 Nottingham Forest 2 in the Premier League at Anfield…


Alisson: 6

I mean, listen, seriously, does anyone really want to read these fucking things if I bother writing them? Does it really even matter? I don’t know. Make the scores up your fucking self.

Kicked it out in the lead up to their goal under no real pressure. Headed one clear better than any fucking outfield player.

Trent: 7

That midfield diddle didn’t really work first half, cause it effectively just left Konate on the ball at right back with them having 25 juiceheads behind the ball. One of Liverpool’s better players mind you.

Konate: 6

Christ. Got into a wrestling match with a giant. Did well mainly but, I don’t know, I can’t have them scoring two.

Virgil: 5

Weird one, really. It was amazing how many times we lost the first ball, the second ball and the third ball in our box. Too easily pushed about.

Robbo: 6

I don’t know. Did alright but that shape limits him a bit.

Fabinho: 5

What are you meant to do with him? He is very, very crab-like these days. Can’t work his clippers quickly enough. Just not quite there. What eats crabs? Prone to be getting eaten by whatever the fuck eats crabs? Humans?

Jones: 6

Did bits, worked well without it really. Didn’t actually do loads mind you.

Henderson: 6

Very right wing. Plundered about a bit. Hooked it here and there.

Gakpo: 6

Not his day today really. Part of a front six who basically stood there and couldn’t beat a man.

Salah: 7

Very deep first half. Boss finish, given someone had him in a headlock.

Jota: 8

Funny, isn’t he? Good header for the first, the second is ridiculous. Could have had a hat trick.



Christ. Was shite when he come on.


Showed signs of his silly ability to keep the ball.


Should have scored but didn’t and then gave away one of the stupidest free kicks the world has ever seen and somehow got applauded for it by the Kemlyn.


Liked it when he was on, as he has half a brain.

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