Ben Johnson’s player ratings for The Anfield Wrap after Leeds United 1 Liverpool 6 in the Premier League at Elland Road…


Alisson: 7

Nothing to do first half. Up the Reds.

Nothing to do second half. Up the fucking Reds.

Trent: 9

Well. Sublime today, really. A hand in a load of the goals, everywhere without the ball, first to everything. Great ball for Nunez. Boss really. Is he going to play there all the while?

Konate: 7

Great there with the absolute huge exception of the goal, which frankly was so much the definition of this season’s Liverpool, it was silly. Really important player though, that ability to have someone who can get you out the shit running backwards.

Virgil: 7

Just really nice to look at the Liverpool players and not want to hit them with a fucking big bat. Stepped out and won it. Controlled his space. Nice.

Robbo: 8

Great for the second goal. Great movement. Great pressing and The Reds are back to fucking legging it.

Fabinho: 7

Does alright tonight. Still leggy, clumps someone again.

Henderson: 7

Looks a bit like his hips have been fused together and he can only move his legs forward now like a He-Man figure. Was decent, though. The Reds were much improved without the ball, all over.

Jones: 8

Rough start. Gave it away a few times. Then grows into the game. Unreal pass for the Jota goal. Unreal. Great off the ball.

Salah: 9

Just the best. Give him a chance, he just slots them. Both finishes are unreal.

Gakpo: 9

He is fantastic. The awareness for the Salah second is incredible. Every other cunt is fumbling a silly shot or whatever. Scores again.

Jota: 8

I’m giving him an eight but Jesus he was on a minus-20 after the first 20 minutes. Was like someone had cast a spell on his legs.

Two great finishes. Made up he scored. Loved the scruffy shinner for the second.



Come on


Played on the right which I find interesting, in that he might play there all the time and Salah might go upfront.




So good when he come on. Give him a four-year contract.

Darwin: Forgot (soz)

Ha ha ha ha. Would like to see him play without a hair band. Free. Great touch and finish.

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