Ben Johnson’s player ratings for The Anfield Wrap after Real Madrid 1 Liverpool 0 in the Champions League last 16 second leg at the Santiago Bernabeu…


LOOK, let’s be frank. These are going to be short, sharp and snappy.

Alisson: 9

Didn’t deserve to concede, really. Our best player all fucking season by a mile. Unreal saves first half; the Dudek one and the unreal tip onto the bar. Would like him to start twatting people in the changies.

Trent: 6

Look, he does alright. That kid he is against is unreal. I don’t know. Not a lot of what’s going wrong for The Reds can be laid at his door.

Virgil: 6

Does OK today, Virg. Unlucky for the goal, really. Silly little toe poke. Would like him to start kicking people a lot more.

Konate: 6

If he played in the home game we would have had a chance tonight. He didn’t, so we didn’t. Good tonight, really.

Robbo: 7

It’s weird as there is no shame at a 1-0 defeat away to Madrid. Does well, really.

Fabinho: 5

Big ask playing him in a two away from home against these.

Funny really when you look at our midfield and look at theirs. They start four of the world-class cunts and we start the lad who we all thought was half dead four weeks ago and who has the engine of a milk float these days, and a 37-year-old who frankly was our best outfield player, but shouldn’t really be anywhere near the starting 11. I don’t know.

Milner: 8

The Reds’ best outfield player, which is frankly a little alarming. How the fuck are we in a position where we can’t bring him on last 20 to have an impact with his tempo and brain, and this and that, but are having to start him away to the European champions?

Jota: 5

Struggled tonight. The one sort of weak link first half. A little slow, a little late.

Nunez: 7

Agog with the substitution. The one player who can score out of nothing, create out of nothing. I don’t know. A threat first half.

Gakpo: 7

Thought he was fantastic first half and good thereafter, until we made our berserk subs and we lashed him left wing and he didn’t touch the ball again.

Salah: 6

He should have fucking leathered that crab of a left back. Too nice. Almost great a few times, shite a few times.



Busy, buzzing about. Zero impact. Why didn’t he shoot?




Looked lively and then he passed it straight out and I’d like to have strangled him.

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