Ben Johnson’s player ratings for The Anfield Wrap after Liverpool 2 Wolves 0 in the Premier League at Anfield…


Alisson: 7

One of them games where he does a few things right, but doesn’t have all kinds to do which is just perfect really. Good save early on when their lad was probably off side in the buildup. Great ball out for the second goal. Boss.

Trent: 8

Fantastic tonight, Trent. Took it upon himself to lead the press all over that right-hand side, so dynamic without the ball, first to everything. Fantastic. More of that, please.

Virgil: 9

The kind of Virgil performance where he has got a bit of a cob on and lashes people about. Again, more of that please. Great goal considering I was slaughtering him for not scoring in the first half when we couldn’t get near a set piece.

Konate: 8

So good having him there. Even when he makes a slight mistake or is slightly out of position he is so strong and quick he just gets himself out of it no problem. Need him to stay fit forever, please.

Tsimikas: 9

Mad fucker, isn’t he? Like he has had a bong at times and then man of the match the rest. Loved the one at 0-0 when he had made an unbelievable tackle, then he was still buzzing off himself and how good he was, Alisson passed it to him/straight out as he was dreaming. Ha ha ha.

Superb for the second, as he could have panicked but realised he was having a race with a centre half who had drank out of the wrong cup from the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade at half time. Was turning a hundred in front of his eyes.

Bajcetic: 7

Loved the turn first minute when he had abar seven fellas on him and Alisson decided to twat it at him on the edge of our box straight at his balls. Really unlucky with the booking in the sense that the referee is clearly a baddie who fucking hates us and was delighted to book him for something and nothing to really try and pile the pressure on. Does well to avoid giving the referee a semi on and an easy excuse for a second yellow a few times. Unreal tackle off our corner when they broke and the lad nearly got in.

Struggled a bit second half when he needed to try and impose himself a bit more.

Fabinho: 7

Thought he was really quite good tonight. Much better than the other week when he was on his last legs. Wild the booking when the lad two-footed him and he jumped out the way and got a yellow card.

“You horrible ruffian, you should have stood there and took the full force of both of those feet as they come crashing towards your fucking knees. Have a yellow card for your sheer cowardice and don’t cross my path again. Good day to you, sir.”

Elliott: 8

Liverpool’s brightest player first half. Great work rate, won a few good balls here and there, and was generally most likely to make something happen. Not sure how he missed the free header, not sure he knows either. Would like him to be a yard quicker and a foot bigger, but we are where we are really.

Nunez: 8

Unreal work rate tonight with and without the ball. Everywhere. So much more suited to playing on the break, was such a threat when the game got stretched second half.

Hard lines with the VAR goal as he shows great composure to slot it. The referee on that VAR review, la. Walked over to that monitor like a fella who has grafted a bird who has just give him the nod to get to hers. Honestly, strutted over there with his little fucking sausage twitching away all over the gaff, hardly able to contain his smutty delight. So fucking delightfully smug. You have to applaud it really at this point. It is a work of art.

Jota: 7

Working his way back, but needs games really. Great for the VAR goal. Looked a foul to me in real time, but does well to create it really. Boss for the goal. Great ball twatted onto a plate for Virg.

Salah: 8

Wasn’t quite working for him first half, despite some great interchanging and play on the right. Great strength a few times. So much better again second half when The Reds upped the tempo, got a bit of a cob on, and built some fucking momentum in the game.

Scores again. It is what he does.



Great when he came on.


Great for the second goal. Great touch and one two. Really nice touches.


Would have liked him to have two footed the ref’s twitching private area off.


Looked good in a physical sense — as in, he’s looking well, lad, isn’t he?

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