Ben Johnson’s player ratings for The Anfield Wrap after Bournemouth 1 Liverpool 0 in the Premier League at Dean Court…


JÜRGEN Klopp before the game said the attitude has got to be right first and then the football can follow.

So The Reds have a good start and then basically knock off for five and then go to absolute shite.

It’s so mad. The attitude when faced with any sort of adversity is woeful. Bournemouth don’t have to do anything to get back in the game.

If I didn’t know better, and it pains me to say this, I’d say Liverpool were shitbags. A massive squad of shitbags. At Anfield, with a point to prove, fantastic. Away from home, early start, against bottom of the league? Nah. Don’t fancy this one.

Jürgen should have knocked one of them out at half time and then at full time. Sacrificial lamb. Fuck me. Wild.

Alisson: 6

Nothing to do again aside from watch players in front of him be weaker than the sum of their parts.

Trent: 5

I can’t really be even arsed going into it today. Wasn’t good.

Konate: 4

Started really poorly today. Second to most, bad positioning. Shite for the first goal. I don’t know what was going on there, but for five minutes up to their goal we drifted in the game. Unforced errors.

Virgil: 4

Jesus Christ. That goal. What the fuck is he doing? Does well to get back into shape, the lad runs a little bit away from him so he just fucking stops dead. It’s woeful defending. Woeful.

He wouldn’t have done it if it was against United at home, it’s that fucking simple. It’s a mentality thing, that. No two ways around it.

The free header at 1-0. Shite. The defending when he got the wrong side. Shite. Looks leggy. Looks complacent. Better second half.

Robbo: 5

Not at his best, but nowhere near some of the other shite on show.

Fabinho: 4

Back to where he was. Ragged second and mainly crap. Which is good.

Baj: 5

Not really in it. Kept showing for the ball which was something.

Elliott: 5

Bright start drifts again. I don’t know. I can’t keep watching this type of game every time we play away. It’s burning my fucking head out.

Salah: 5

Ha ha ha ha ha. Fucking hell. Jib it. As if. Fucking Jeremy Beadle is going to jump out in a minute.

Gakpo: 6

Probably The Reds best player till Jota come on? Maybe? I don’t know, I mean, there wasn’t much fucking competition like.

Nunez: 5

Not at his best today. In fact, had nothing about him. Like The Reds.


Jota: 7

Bright when he came on. Unlucky with the pen.




Does alright.


Comes on and is probably in Liverpool’s top three players.


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