Ben Johnson’s player ratings for The Anfield Wrap after Liverpool 2 Real Madrid 5 in the Champions League last 16 at Anfield…


Alisson: 5

Christ. He’s had hard lines a bit there. In that it could have gone anywhere, most importantly it could have gone to one of our lads instead of against one of theirs.

I don’t know. I mean, in the context of full time it was one of them fucking closing door moments where we might win and instead we get fucking banjoed all over the gaff. Small margins.

Trent: 6

This is a mad one to rate this game, as I think The Reds might be cursed. We were great first half and go in 2-2 somehow. No one knows how. And no one really does much wrong. Everyone pretty much plays well, Could he be closer for the first goal? I’m not sure. Maybe.

Gomez: 6

Doesn’t do a whole lot wrong, really. Maybe not close enough for the first in a really harsh world. Maybe in an alternative world he doesn’t pass the ball back to Alisson, because someone has seen the future and tells him to swerve it and maybe he doesn’t dangle a leg. Loads of misfortune, weirdly played alright. What the fuck?

Virgil: 6

What does he do wrong? What do any of them really do wrong? No cunt knows. Somehow we have been twatted.

Robbo: 6

See above. Works all night, breaks down the left, doesn’t do loads wrong, concedes five. Fuck me.

Bajcetic: 6

Plays well enough, but it’s fucking fine margins at this level. Loses the ball at 2-1 in the lead up to their goal. By no means is the goal his fault, but it’s small margins and The Reds got beat 5-2.

Henderson: 6

Fantastic first half, wins everything, somehow goes in 2-2, maybe doesn’t touch the ball second half. Does nothing wrong. The Reds get twatted.

Fabinho: 6

See above. Was sound, really. Better than he has been all season bar last week. The Reds got beat 5-2. Didn’t really do much wrong.

Nunez: 7

What a goal. Fantastic movement, a massive pain in the arse. Shame he went off as it killed The Reds a bit, really.

Gakpo: 5

Good first half, really. In it, presses well, carries it well. Non-existent afterwards.

Salah: 7

Thought he played well, Mo, really. A nuisance. Played well. A threat. The Reds got beat 5-2 somehow.



Come on and plodded about.


See above, which is a shame.


See above, which is inexcusable given they were olé-ing it and no cunt would lay a glove on them.


See above, above, above. Was shite. Nice idea to get us pressing them more, but the changes made us much fucking worse.

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