Ben Johnson’s player ratings for The Anfield Wrap after Liverpool 0 Chelsea 0 in the Premier League at Anfield…



Imagine having to think about that game immediately after it, sat outside a boozer, yes outside, in an ice tunnel, having to think about the game and rate the people who played in it out of 10.

Honestly, I think I would rather think about my 10 worst days alive, as a human. Day my dad died, yerse. Let’s relive that in HD, aye? No?

Alisson: 7

Made a few good saves first half. Covers the ground really well, so good. I reckon he was pretty cold all told.

Milner: 7

Arlarsed his way through it really well to the point that we missed him when he went off. Ridiculous decision to let the ball go out for a corner that led to their disallowed goal. Fucking loved his tackle on that fast kid out of take that.

Gomez: 7

Does well to a point. Some mad decisions first half on the ball but aggressive enough.

Konate: 8

Man of the match for The Reds, I thought. Won all his battles.

Robbo: 8

See above, only maybe not quite as good.

Baj: 6

Couldn’t quite get in it and have any impact like he did against Wolves. To be fair, first half Mason Mount effectivly man marked him without the ball and he couldn’t find any space. Was wild second half when he was fucking knackered and Jürgen plonked Harvey next to him and basically decided to play Thiago in midfield on his own for a bit. By the way, any link to Mason Mount signing for The Reds should be lashed in a massive big bin, mainly due to his ludicrous non sideys. Someone must have whipped them off in his sleep.

Keita: 7

Not sure he should have took him off really. Was doing well, The Reds structure was good, as soon as he went off we were a mess. Maybe it was a sports science thing. I hope so, as otherwise I can’t understand the decision making.

Thiago: 8

Thought he was really good, gave it away a few times trying to make The Reds play, but it’s wild the way he has now got the most legs out of our midfield.

Elliott: 6

Works really hard all game and is decent enough when he is left wing. Wasn’t fair when he got lashed in midfield, on him or anyone else. Under no circumstances should it happen again.

Gakpo: 6

Well, frankly he likes to shoot doesn’t he? Someone with a body that long and narrow can’t have good balance. So I wouldn’t advise leaning back and trying to twat everything that moves really. Great turn for the chance second half but I don’t know, might need 10 shots to score a goal. That’s the opposite of what made The Reds great.

Salah: 6

Would love him to start banging them in again but feel he’s just struggling because The Reds are struggling. The Reds need to be more than the sum of their parts again, a machine designed to get more out of everyone. Salah currently looks like he has left The Reds, someone has bought him for £100m and he looks crap because they aren’t playing to his strengths and creating space. Shoulder shrug.



Came on and gave it away a lot, should have won a freekick.


Looked very cold. Came on very cold and coldly passed the ball to everyone.


Looked goosed.

Henderson: 8

Ha ha ha.


We’re desperate for presence and he come on with 10 to go.

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