Ben Johnson’s player ratings for The Anfield Wrap after Brighton & Hove Albion 2 Liverpool 1 in the FA Cup fourth round at the Amex Stadium…


WELL, we are finding new and interesting ways to get beat these days.

That felt like an undeserved one. Fuck knows.

Alisson: 7

Great fucking save second half from March. Brilliant.

Trent: 6

To be fair does quite well against probably the greatest ever player to play the fucking game. Holds him up well, to a point. Great ball to Salah first half. Got fucking roasted by him shortly before he went off.

Konate: 7

Was fantastic first half. Imposing, strong, intelligent, closed space, covered space behind. Everything you want from a centre half. Belter elbow in the kid’s head. Forearm smash in his head. Sent him abar 20 yards. Still sliding now.

Gomez: 6

See above only not quite as good. Still good, though. Covered in behind the full backs really well first half. Terrible clearance second half where Konate had to block. Right to their lad. Shocking in the buildup to their goal. Not the move itself, the lad does him fair and square, but the lead up to it. What’s he fucking doing? All over the place.

Robbo: 6

Plays relatively well. Gives the foul away for their winner, mind you.

Baj: 6

Plays well enough. Just lacks the physicality to last a game. Good yellow.

Thiago: 6

Not at his best. Loads of aggression and pressing but gave it away a few times. Unforced errors. Unusual.

Keita: 7

Nearly broke his neck in half which was a blow. For a fella who was out four weeks after sleeping funny in a plane, he was like Lazarus there getting up. Plays well again, really.

Gakpo: 7

Really good when he drops deep. Looks like it is part of a plan. Linked up well with Salah and Elliott at times. Would like to see him with Nunez fucking zooming past on the fucking wing. Great second half when he got fouled. Lovely to see. Really encouraging that today.

Elliott: 7

Does well for the goal, great run and great finish. Should have done better with the one where he nearly got his head chopped off from behind.

Salah: 6

Not at his best, again. Sets a goal up but so many good positions and he gives it away.


Fabinho: 5

Absolutely shite when he comes on. Honestly, I’m not sure I’ve seen a fall off in level since Henchoz just aged 20 years in a weekend.

Come on absolutely twatted someone, then basically told every cunt it was a straight red. Yer, yellow? Fuck off referee? Are you fucking dreaming? Straight legged, that. Minimum three weeks off. Fuck’s sake. You are keeping me on? Fuck me.

Henderson: 5

Comes on, shows good intent. Good pressure but ultimately Liverpool lose their way and all the subs end up making us worse, in that most of the subs keep the pressure on and then Fabinho comes on and The Reds go to absolute shite.


Comes on and The Reds get beat.


Was looking forward to him coming on, but then he does and isn’t in it. I’m not sure how that can be the case.


Struggled when he came on. Plundered around the pitch a bit. Heavy legs.

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