Ben Johnson’s player ratings after Everton 0 Liverpool 0 in the Premier League at Goodison Park, as Joe Gomez stands out…


WELL, unbeaten again at their gaff, with no midfielders and their manager wearing kecks from Screw Fix.

Should have got some fucking Rockwool and Gorilla Glue for that fucking head. Baldy before you can say Jack Robinson.

Alisson: 8

One great save when he stood up and that plumber hit it right at him and the other deflected one where, by rights, he could have caught it on his head.

All the talk of two keepers deciding the game. Yer, alright mate. They had two shots their keeper, the little mad fella, had a blinder.

Trent: 6

Would really like him to be boss again but he is just a little off. Passing first half was all over the place putting us under needless pressure.

That said, we didn’t half miss him when he went off. That change fucking killed us. I know we are resting legs but it knocked the stuffing out of us.

Virgil: 7

Decent today, Virg. Didn’t do an awful lot wrong. Could do with some structure and presence in front of him in addition to Fabinho.

Gomez: 9

Great again, Gomez. Liverpool’s best player. Great recovery pace, great passing, great duals. Almost back to his best.

Tsimikas: 7

Does well today. Would have liked him to have volleyed Anthony Gordon. Wild him.

Fabinho: 8

Was going to give him a nine for being the only centre mid on ours. Elliott is really good but away in a derby when you need some presence, Fabinho had to provide it on his own. Looked like he had done the three peaks after it.

Carvalho: 6

Couldn’t really get in it. Again, not the place for a little fella to start in centre mid in his first game. Some fucking dead leg, that. They hurt like fucking hell, them.

Elliott: 8

Plays well today but see above. Fine if you have two grocks to win your battles, but would have loved Nat Phillips in their fucking butting anything blue into space. Launch that Uber wool back to oblivion.

Salah: 7

Like him closer to the box, was pleased to see that today. Great ball for the Firmino chance, and so unlucky with the one off the post. Great save to be fair from the little fucking mad man.

Diaz: 8

Oh lad. So close with that one off the post. How didn’t it go in? Fucker. Just feels a little bit like he has loads more to give. Need to find the best system for the lads. We looked so much better with the four.

Nunez: 7

Great volley, so unlucky, great save again from the little sherbet licker. Fed on scraps really, but such a threat when we create space. Loved the whacking his own leg bit.


Milner: 6

Come on and looked goosed. That change killed us, really. Looked better in midfield.

Firmino: 8

Was good when he came on. For 20 minutes we were great. Could have scored a few.

Joel: 7

Good to have him back. Big man.

Robbo: 6

Did alright.

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