Ben Johnson’s player ratings player ratings after Liverpool 3 Cardiff City 1 in the FA Cup fourth round at Anfield, as the substitutes take the acclaim…


Kelleher: 6

Seemed unnerved by the wind. Like a dog on the beach. Went berserk because of it and tried to chop someone in half using his foot as an axe. Wild, but made things exciting after a boring early kick off first half. Nothing really to do aside from that. Was good that he didn’t get sent off, but we seen Harvey Elliott warming up like fuck while they were checking VAR and thought he was going in. I mean it was a shame he didn’t have to go in, like. 

Trent: 7

Almost impossible job first half trying to play in that wind. I think if you weren’t in the ground it’s difficult to get a feel for how bad the wind was. It was fucking nuts. Man of the match first half. So disruptive. As soon as it went in the air it was anyone’s guess. Better second half when it was a little bit more sheltered. 

Virgil: 8

Was possibly the only fella on the pitch who wasn’t arsed about the wind. Just read everything. Absolute Michael Fish. No, that’s not a hurricane, lads. What’s the matter with yer? 

Konate: 7

We were looking at him for ages and couldn’t work out what was different and then realised he had shaved his head. Well in. Footwork dodgy when the lad dived for the pen first half. But was sound after that. 

Tsimikas: 8

Was great today. First to everything, full of fucking needle which frankly I’m here all day for. 

Henderson: 8

Was good today, Jordan. Ticked it over first half, then got on the front foot second. Didn’t half land on his back, did he?

Naby: 6

I don’t know, I always look forward to him coming back and playing like he’s a new signing or whatever but then he plays and it’s a bit partridge gif shoulder shrug. I want more Naby. Maybe it’s just me. 

Curtis: 6

See above for Curt today. Just not quite on it. Might be harsh on both him and Naby as the game opened up second half so it was easier to look good but still. 

Jota: 8

Great turn first half but should do better with the finish. But then little runs to steal a yard for the header. Something glorious about them. So difficult to defend against. Great goal. 

Taki: 8

Laboured a bit first half but kept grafting and everything pretty much half decent came from him. Does great for his goal as he is absolutely on his toes. 

Firmino: 7

No space first half but very much liked him going centre mid when Diaz come on. Might be a rebirth that. 


Elliott: 8

Was just so boss the whole thing. To have him back in the first place, how good he was, the touch, the turn, the finish. The celebration. The camera in his grid. Boss. Feel-good moment all round. So good in that role. Massive for The Reds that he is back. 

Diaz: 8

I mean, them YouTube compilations are sound on the one hand, but I had in my head a little tricky winger who might get booted out of games and was genuinely worrying about him today given how wild the weather was. But there he is with a short sleeve top on the mad cunt, riding tackles like Suarez and never stopping running. Also he is about six inches bigger than I thought he was. He’s hard as iron and he just ruptured all his ligaments in his knee and got up. Honestly thought he had blown the fucker up.

Unreal feet for Taki’s goal. How has he done that and kept it in? Just sort of wrote his own rules. Everyone else stops when the ref doesn’t give the foul. He is going to be incredible. 

Milner: 7

Come on and won some belter last ditch fellas. Might do better for their goal. 

Robbo: 7

Great energy today. Looked like a man who had sat on the bench and watched his understudy play really fucking well.

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