Discussing Liverpool FC fan favourites, after the return of Philippe Coutinho and Steven Gerrard to the Premier League with Aston Villa.

Harriet Prior hosts Grace Mailey, Belinder Bhati and Tom Whittaker for The Anfield Wrap…

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-Coutinho: did well on his debut. First two fixtures against Man U and Everton (lol) – think about how he left the club and how he handled it and how it impacts how we look at his legacy and time at the club. Chat about Klopp’s comments when he left “stay here and they will end up building a statue in your honour.” Think he regrets it?

-How that compares to someone like Suarez? Bit more accepted when he left? Bit of chat around LFC being a bit of a stepping stone club around the time compared to now. What about Torres? One of the first players a lot of people our age remember watching and loving.

-Gerrard: any favourite memories? Chat about his managerial career, whether anything he goes on to do will impact his rep at LFC and what’s next for him. The defining LFC figure for our generation?

-A little bit about those a bit further back in LFC history – Dalglish, Rush, Shankly etc – important for younger fans to learn about club legends and the history of the club? People you learnt about growing up etc? Importance within Liverpool vs being a fan growing up further away.

-Then a little look at the current players – people like Henderson and Milner, thinking about their long-term involvement at the club when they finish playing. Can imagine them still being around?

-Salah – already a club legend? A bit of chat about his contract situ.

-Their impact off the pitch nowadays as well as on.


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