Our review of Chelsea 2 Liverpool 2 in the Premier League at Stamford Bridge, including a deep dive into the team selection.

Dan Morgan hosts Neil Atkinson, Sean Rogers and Harrison Worden…

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– Obvious disruption then going with Milner over Keita/Chamberlain. Falls into Leicester but also what they think Chelsea might do.
– Chelsea know they can’t get players up the pitch quick without James/Chillwell/Werner etc. explains Pulisic but also Leicester brief perfect for them.

– Having to get the crowd and the opposition down (4 interceptions first ten).
– Never seems to be an element of control – yet getting to 2-0
– 38-45: That period and also twice in a row that Liverpool haven’t done the thing that kills the opposition in cutting the supply to the last line.
– Double sub: Pace of the game a factor? Lack of creativity coupled with Chelsea’s tweak in final quarter.

– xG ends at 1.27/1.34.. Old Trafford 3.76/1.53… Goodison it was 2.13/0.61… Spurs 1.52/3.37
– Around the game management point: Is there desire to pull away clouding certain judgements or creating uncertainties?
– The being more 17/18 when they need to be more front end 19/20
– The context: Wonder goal/injuries/no Klopp etc.


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