Ben Johnson’s player ratings after Liverpool 3 Leicester City 3 before a 5-4 win on penalties in the League Cup quarter final at Anfield…


Kelleher: 7

Should he have done better for their third? I don’t know. It was right in the middle of the goal like. Unreal for the pens though.

Bradley: 5

We struggled first half down that right hand side when trying to play out from the back. Just kept giving it to them, whether that was the full back or the full back playing in front of him. It fucked us for the third goal. I mean, it was some hit like but you can’t be giving the ball away in your own half so cheaply and hope to get away with it. Tough one for him, really.

Koumetio: 5

Poor positioning for the first. Just gets dragged out and then completely unaware of whats going on behind him. Got caught a few times on the ball when we were two versus two which is not great, really. Gave the one away for the Vardy chance just before their third which we didn’t really recover from. I suppose that’s the difference between U23s and proper games against quality.

Gomez: 6

Probably wouldn’t mind a game next to Virgil for a bit instead of being the only one old enough to bevy. Not sure he suits being the elder statesmen so much. Lucky with the Vardy chance off the post as he was as flat footed as fuck for the pass from Morton.

Tsimikas: 7

Superb for the first goal. Really good. Gets a bit of a hospital pass and turns it into a break and a goal with a bit of magic. I like him a lot, you know. He is sound in the main, isn’t he?

Chamberlain: 8

Good first half when The Reds were two down and looking for a bit of something. Great intent on the ball and a cracking finish. Tries to force it a little bit sometimes and, when you haven’t got the lids around to win the fucker back, that is a bit of a blow. Was our best midfielder till Keita come on but that shot at the end, I reckon I would have cracked him if I could.

Morton: 5

I thought he struggled tonight a little bit. Neat and tidy at times but missing that bit of presence in the middle when he is in that deeper role, especially if we are going to give the fucking thing away every five minutes.

Henderson: 6

Tried harder than anyone to impose himself on the game first half, but to be honest it just involved him running around like a fucking maniac, which just led me to worry about him being alright for Leeds. Off on 60 and frankly I was fucking made up.

Williams: 7

Looked like a reserve full back playing right wing as opposed to the best player in the world who normally plays there, which is an entirely fair and correct statement really when you think about it. Kept getting it into feet with a man up his arse and giving it away, which isn’t surprising really as that’s the last ball you get to deal with at full back. Worked hard, like. So much better playing in his actual position.

Minamino: 7

Looked bright at times but first half wasn’t quite good enough, really. Had the half chance when they made the recovering tackle where he should do more than he does and then should do much better with the cut back when he twatted it over. Kept grafting all second half and that is one hell of a goal, to be honest with you. Get in, Taki lad. Great touch and what a finish. He fucking bangs them in when he plays, you know. Unlucky with his pen but who fucking cares at this point?

Firmino: 7

Our best player first half. The one who looked like a first teamer playing with the ressies. Lovely touches. Looked a bit tired towards the end of the game.



Tieleman’s mouth is annoying, isn’t it?

Jota: 8

Loves scoring and is a better nark. What more do you want? Jam packed full of needle. Belter elbow right on the button. So unlucky with the flick from Keita’s shot. Loved him giving their end loads of shit after his pen. What a fella.


Was great. The difference to The Reds when we could play and hold a high line and win all the bits. So key to the system.


Was excellent when he came on. All over the place, beating men, making the ball work. Great ball to put Minamino in when he miscontrolled it. He is unplayable when he is like that.


First Pens:

Mouth slapped that right in, didn’t he? Our keeper looks little in that goal, to be fair.

Milner – hahaha what a pen.

Second Pen:

Would like the remainder of Westlife to pop into the goal with him for this one. Fuck off are these messing with them top bins.

Bobby – Haha what a pen. Schmeichel is such a crying twat.

Third Pen:

Good pen from Albrighton, to be fair. His nose was poking Kelleher in the eye as he kicked it like. Seems a little unfair that.

Chamberlain – Didn’t fancy him at all but that’s some pen as well, to be fair.

Fourth Pen:

This little bellend is missing… Hahaha told you.

Naby lad – Hahaha the greatest ever Reds midfielder.

Fifth Pen:

Never forgotten that shot he had against City when we lost the league. Fucking donkey. Do that again… Bastard.

Taki – Come on lad. Absolute diddle. Didn’t deserve that.

Sixth Bastard Pen:

Hahaha Big Kells. What a save that is.

Jota the slotter – Come on, lad. Do what you did against Wolves except kick it away from the large mass on the line… Haha he fucking loves the needle.

Kop for that, you tory twats.

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