An overview of Liverpool’s latest batch of fixtures before the second international break, what’s to come next and how their rivals are faring.

Rob Gutmann is joined by John Gibbons, Harriet Prior and Joel Richards…

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Welcome to the overview show, where we play virtual Klopp a little bit, taking stock of where the team is and what we should plan for in the forthcoming games.

We also look at our nearest rivals, and as predicted, the title race is shaping up to be between 4 teams. We’ll analyse all of Liverpool’s closest rivals fixtures too.

Liverpool have played 4 times in the league past month, twice in Europe and a league cup tie. It’s been a busy phase. From 16th October until the last game before the next of these international breaks, on the 7th November, LFC Will have played a further 7 times in the space of just 22 days.

Recapping the past month:

  • We’d have taken 10 points, we took 8
  • 4 points would’ve done nicely in the CL, we took all 6
  • Nothing to stress about, but we’re still to really understand exactly what shape Liverpool are in.

The positives:

  • Scoring a lot of goals.
  • Salah going up another level?
  • Mane getting his mojo back
  • Front 4 all scoring
  • Curtis Jones getter better and better
  • Liverpool really impressive in phases – Porto and Milan. Leeds and Palace. Even the league cup.


  • The Elliott injury
  • Thiago and Trent injuries
  • Beginning to concede goals – Brentford was worrying.
  • Missed opportunity from leading positions in games.


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