Young Liverpool supporters discuss their relationships with The Reds’ rivals including Manchester United, Everton, Manchester City and Chelsea.

Harriet Prior hosts Chloe Bloxam, Harrison Worden and Tom Whittaker for The Anfield Wrap…

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The panel discuss…

Manchester United

  • Draws in the biggest viewing attendances for any league game on average.
  • Game in 1975: the first time that there was a partition in the Anfield Road end separating Liverpool fans from an away crowd.
  • Played each other 207 times, Liverpool have won 68 times, Man U 81 and drawn 58.
  • Favourite game vs Man U?
  • Growing up mid 2000s- winning everything. How did that feel? Did you accept it or despise it?
  • What’s your sentiment around the team now and especially this season? –Success possible for Ole?
  • Think it’s still the biggest rivalry?
  • Why do you think there is such an appetite to watch these two teams play each other in particular?


  • The derby to have the most red cards given in the Premier League era with 22 in 24 meetings.
  • Local rivalry: were there many Everton fans in school/ in your friendship groups?
  • Benitez? How did you feel when that happened? Do we care?
  • Is it one of your favourite matches to go and watch?
  • Their proposed stadium move – thoughts? Something cool about the fact that they are literally across the park. Would it change the dynamic?
  • Our results over the recent years have been overwhelmingly on Liverpool’s side – but last season they came to Anfield and won. How will things be different this season?

Manchester City

  • Newer rivalry -probably the newest of all the rivalries.
  • CL Quarter final in 2018 as a real turning point. Liverpool beat city 3-0 that night and 2-1 in the away leg.
  • More of a competitive rivalry – does it have a different vibe to it?
  • Klopp vs Guardiola: who has had the tougher job?
  • Does this have the potential to be the biggest rivalry?
  • What would you say to City fans that think we have the legacy and hey have the future. Could they ever build a legacy like ours?


  • Do you look at Chelsea as a rival team?
  • Rate Tuchel?


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