Part Liverpool FC quiz and part very intelligent stats chat, as John Gibbons hosts Neil Atkinson, Phil Blundell and Ian Salmon…

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Here are the quiz questions if you want to play along or get your mates involved (answers within the show):

  1. Which Liverpool player has the highest expected goals (xG) per 90 minutes played. So which Liverpool player do Statsbomb feel should have the most goals per 90 from chances they’ve had.
  2. Which player has the key passes per 90 minutes played. Passes that lead to a shot.
  3. Assists per 90 played.
  4. Tackles and interceptions per 90.
  5. Clearances per 90.
  6. Most two footed player.

OK to finish the LIGHTNING ROUND. If you are behind this is where you can make it up. Two minutes on the clock and the round keeps going until the time is up. One point for each correct answer. All based on this season’s Premier League stats. All Liverpool based. Just want the most for each one. Forget 90 played.

  1. Three Outfield Players have played every minute in the league so far
  2. Two players on two Yellow Cards
  3. Offsides
  4. Fouls
  5. Subbed Off
  6. Through Balls
  7. Corners Taken


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