Our review of Atletico Madrid 2 Liverpool 3 in the third round of the Champions League group stage at Wanda Metropolitano.

Dan Morgan hosts Neil Atkinson, Sean Rogers and Paul Cope…

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Klopp post match on selection: “Would I choose exactly the same line-up again? Not sure. But we had so many things to consider: who is playing that didn’t play, who played where. I think in the end we had too many players on the pitch who played now for their national teams all the games, last Premier League game and stuff like this. There’s never only one reason for things.”

  • A lot made of Atleti and their 17 days without a game. Does it impact the start?
  • Liverpool’s plan: Salah very wide and stretching/Mane almost free role the other side
  • Simeone’s approach in every sense to Liverpool: does he see them as the dream or nightmare opponent, or a bit of both?
  • Atletico identifying Robertson as the weak link
  • Robbo: 86.7% pass success rate. Pass direction 59% right, 27% forward, 12% backward, 2% left
  • The reaction at 2-0 and in general with managing leads
  • Klopp spoke about playing in “the wrong spaces” in reference to wide areas when we went two up
  • Tactical and personnel reactions to red card
  • Eventually closing it down


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