Ben Johnson’s player ratings after Brentford 3 Liverpool 3 in the Premier League at the Brentford Community Stadium, as it’s sixes all round…


WERE The Reds shite at the back or did they just get diddled?

I’m genuinely not sure. Did enough to win. Could have scored six. Didn’t and so there you go.

Alisson: 6

Didn’t do anything wrong, didn’t have a save to make concedes three goals. Was a bit weird. Felt like we got diddled really.

Trent: 6

I don’t know how to mark anyone here really especially the defenders. Got left on his own with about four fucking giants for their second. Did he do much wrong? I’m not sure.

Virgil: 6

Bit flat footed for their second there. Thought he looked knackered all game. Knackered. For the first time since he come back. Like ‘fuck me, where is all my adrenaline gone’ knackered? Didn’t really win his battles but then is that fair because they scored three shitty goals where everything fell just perfectly for them? I don’t know. Great recovery at the end when they were in.

Joel: 6

Great clearance off the line first half. Struggled a little bit against Toney but to be fair that’s like trying to win a header against a cliff with arms. Big massive arms. Again, I can’t figure out what’s gone on there at all. Not even slightly.

Robbo: 6

Keeps dropping in deeper than everyone else and no one really knows why. Got a bollocking off Virgil when he played Toney on first five for the header. Plays the world onside for their goal. Great run just before half time to get the free kick on the edge. Though he struggled a bit today, to be honest.

Curtis: 8

Started really well pressing the ball. Really unlucky with the one against the post. Carried on throughout with great energy and then got a cob on with all their messing about and just decided to twat it in the top bin and then got off. And frankly who can fucking blame him.

Hendo: 7

Lovely overlapping down that right. What a ball for Jota’s goal. Seriously, unbelievable. Played really well but then The Reds have conceded three so I don’t know what’s what anymore.

Fabinho: 7

Is he unlucky for their goal or should he be quicker? Maybe a bit of both. What a ball for Mo’s goal. What a ball. Stand stand stand, dink. Goal. Silly linesman, goal. Get in. Didn’t play poorly by any stretch and yet they have scored three goals.

Sadio: 6

Woeful ball when Matip cleared off the line and we broke. Woeful. Three-v-two and he passes it straight to their lad. Was obvious how much he was going to give it away. Literally could have walked you through it. Berserk.

Held the ball up really well first half. At his best in that regard just a shame about the rest. Great defensively as well today, when he needed to be.

Great second when he was in the same situation as the first half, but plays the perfect ball to put Mo in when he should score. Should do better with the shot right after and then drifts out the game.

Mo: 8

Unlucky with the one off the line. Great defending, in fairness. Timed his run for his goal like he always does. Impossible to defend. Great finish. Should score the second though, just bobbles as he looks to hit it. That was a turning point in hindsight so you know, fuck’s sake.

Jota: 7

He just bangs headers in, doesn’t he? That little sneaky movement pealing off shoulders and then nestling. So unlucky with the one after Curt hit the post.


Bobby: N/A

Played well but then we drew.

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