The fourth part looking at the Liverpool Football Club miracles under Jurgen Klopp, as Neil Atkinson hosts Kev Walsh, Phil Blundell, Damian Kavanagh and John Milburn…

“They can have more enjoyable moments in a week of football than we’ve had in 30 years. Everton are the most miserable club to support in this country. A combination of us being unable to have any high whatsoever compounded by them getting football miracles on a weekly basis season after season.”

– Anonymous Evertonian

On This Episode Of Liverpool Football Club Miracles:

Roma 2017 / 2018 Home and Away – Champions League Semi Final

“The away leg on its own could be a show about football and miracles because it was fuckin phenomenal… That will be forever my favourite European Away night.” – Kev Walsh.

The lads discuss legendary Champions League nights, what it takes to build an electric atmosphere and what makes European nights at Anfield special. Candid takes on Roma home and away in 2017 / 2018. The tragedy of the Sean Cox attack and the miracle of his survival. The euphoria of Roma away, the chaos of getting in the ground, the traveling Kop at its finest, celebrating with the players for 40 minutes after the game. The feeling of being alive in the Eternal City, and an incredible moment of unity between the supporters and players.

Liverpool vs PSG 2018 / 2019 – Champions League Group Stage

“You can bring all these players who everyone’s loving watching all around the world, and everyone respects – tell you what – get on this pitch at L40TH! Let’s see how you get on against us with our boss crowd, with our boss team, with the way we work together. That’s the football miracle. The way we work together collectively. You can have all that you’ve got – please bring it on.” – Damien Kavanaugh

Looking back at Liverpool vs PSG 2018 / 2019. Roberto Firmino came off the bench and scored a dramatic late winner at Anfield. It’s never enjoyable to give up a two goal lead, but even with Kylian Mbappe’s equalizer in the 83rd minute – the Reds were never out of it and the goal felt like it was coming. It was a statement match, and without that winner The Reds wouldn’t have made it out of the group. Daniel Sturridge made his first Champions League start in 6 years, and the first goal. The Reds ran all over a PSG team that included Neymar, Edinson Cavani, Mbappe, and Angel Di Maria.

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