Martin Fitzgerald offers up his player ratings after Manchester United 2 Liverpool 4 in the Premier League at Old Trafford…


WELL, well, well.

Is it on again?

Until we fuck it up, yeah I reckon it is.

Here’s your ratings…

Alisson : 7

Gave me a few palpitations with the ball at his feet but otherwise commanded his area well and looked after the two lads in front of him*

*When he wasn’t scaring the shit out of them.

Trent : 10

Fucking hell.

The cross for the second, the shot for the third, that bent copper in the stands that tried to make a mug out of Trent Alexander-Arnold. Unbelievable. One of the performances of the season.

Phillips : 10

Unlucky for their opener but then went on a mission to rectify it by winning a penalty, getting an assist, saving one off the line, Saving Private Ryan, heading one with his face, and generally being sound.

Can’t wait for his injury time winner against Palace.

Williams : 9

His best game for The Reds – didn’t do anything wrong against one of the best forward lines in the league.

Robertson : 9

That bit in the first half when he tracked Rashford all the way back and slid in to win the ball deserved an away end to appreciate it.

Fabinho : 8

Follows the ball for their opener and, whilst still being really good, wasn’t quite at his his best tonight.

Gini : 9

For an hour there he was incredible – strong, quick, and a reminder how good he can be when he’s got legs around him and legs below him.

Thiago : 9

Big game performance from the little fella and very much did his job in that three tonight.

Jota : 8.5

Nice flick for the goal and looked lively all night. Thought he was unlucky to get taken off.

Firmino : 9

Does really well to hold his line for the first goal and both finishes were the business.

Been a fucked up season, he’s mostly frustrated but I can’t wait for his injury time winner against Palace.

Salah : 8

Found himself a formidable opponent in Shaw who probably plays him as well as anyone.

Once he fucked him off though he made that one on one look easy.

Mane : 6

Mostly fell over whilst smiling.

Jones : 7

Great ball to finish the game.

Neco Williams : 10

Born in North Wales, according to Josh Sexton.

Shaqiri : 10

Saving himself for an injury time winner against Palace.

Anthony Taylor : 0

The sort of fella that watches the Zapruder Film in slow motion and books JFK for simulation.

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