Our free podcast on Manchester United 2 Liverpool 4 and West Brom on Sunday, Josh Sexton hosts Gareth Roberts, Andy Heaton and James Sutton.

Also on the show, John Gibbons speaks to Earl Jenkins the chair of Kingsley United, and Josh is joined by Joseph Symes from the It’s A Funny Old Life podcast.

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Earl Jenkins is a well known name in Liverpool for his work helping youth aspirations through sport. “I’ve wanted to make sure that we use the football in a way that supports these kids, and shows them a path out of the neighbourhood and raises their aspirations,” said Jenkins.

The Anfield Wrap, alongside Nike, have worked with Earl Jenkins and Kingsley United, Merseyside’s most diverse footy team to create a Kingsley United girls’ team, a BAME [Black, Asian, Minority, Ethnic] youth leadership forum in partnership with other organisations in the city, and a bursary scheme for a BAME coaching course.

Kingsley United came about after a merge with Tiber FC where the two clubs realised that would be stronger together. A new astroturf on Lodge Lane is one of the many signs the club is being revitalised. Kingsley Road is now a symbol of what unites the community through football. 

Earl Jenkins describes his coaches as mentors “first and foremost.” He goes on to say “in some respects, some of our coaches become that role model or father figure for the kids in the team. And if you look at any of our training sessions, you can see a real sense of community and family as well.”

Find out more about our partnership with Kingsley United and more here.