Martin Fitzgerald offers up his player ratings after Liverpool 0 Real Madrid 0 in the Champions League quarter final at Anfield…


EVEN Nat Phillips heading their coach couldn’t save us tonight.

Here’s your ratings…

Alisson: 7

Not much to do until he was called on to make a brave double save late on from Benzema’s feet.

Trent: 9

Thought he was great, everything you want from a right back. Defended well and some of his passing going forward was incredible, particularly the reverse pass for Gini in the first half.

Phillips: 9

At the start of the season he was our 28th choice centre back and worked part time as a Father Misty tribute act to earn a bit of extra cash.

Tonight he went up for a corner, flattened half of Real Madrid in the process and never gave them a sniff all night.

My hero.

Kabak: 8

Didn’t let himself, or the Kabak name, down.

Robertson: 7.5

Industrious as per but just lacking a bit of quality and tired as the game went on.

Fabinho: 7

Would’ve kept him the middle because he moves it quicker than anyone else. As he went backwards, so did we.

Gini: 7

Really decent first half, showed everywhere for it, did an A++ turn but then missed a half decent chance to put us ahead.

Found it hard going in the second half against a well organised defence and wasn’t helped by a load of subs that just confused everyone, including themselves.

Milner: 7

Good hour, played in the spirit that it might be his last hurrah in a glamour tie like this.

Very much took the Henry Hill approach that everyone takes a beating sometime.

Flattened Benzema in the first minute, nearly scored from 20 yards, took an almighty whack from Casemiro and then got off into witness protection.

Sadio: 5

Started well but then reverted into running down blind alleys and losing possession. Looks like his brain is quicker than his body right now and it’s difficult to watch.

Firmino: 6

Has a couple of chances in the second half, a few nice touches but, like Sadio, his goals per game this year is just not good enough.

Salah: 6

Got to score that first chance, mate.

Jota, Thiago, Ox: 5

Couldn’t get involved.

Shaq: 5

As far back as he can remember, he always wanted to be a little square fella with mad hair.

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