THAT was dead silly, wasn’t it?

A ridiculous game of football with loads of things happening that made zero logical sense. Five things we deffo didn’t learn below…

1. What the fuck is a power horse?

Martin Keown said the following about Virgil: “He’s a power horse in the air”.

A fucking power horse. Power. Horse. In the air. Not on the ground. In the air. A power horse. What the fucking hell is a power horse? No one batted an eye either, just carried on regardless. Yer he is, isn’t he? Hang on, what is he? A power horse?

Fuck off, Martin.

2. Soz but…

I mean, I don’t want to bang on about VAR and offsides and that. It’s silly, we all know it. As soon as you are drawing lines on a page it’s silly either way. Offside should be a moral judgement, has the player gained an advantage by being stood in the position he is in?

Mane’s legs and the majority of his body are onside. His arm is judged to be a millimetre or whatever offside. That’s daft in itself, isn’t it? How can he be gaining an advantage, there?


3. Thiago…

He is honestly the greatest midfielder I have ever seen. Probably the best player. Everything about him. He is what you dream of being. Sat on the bench on a Saturday, watching 11 donkeys run into 11 other donkeys thinking…

“I get on here, I will fucking run this. Spraying the ball like Thiago, squaring men up like Thiago, fucking balance like Thiago.”

“Johno, get changed you are coming on last 20.”

“Is right. Here we go.”

Get on, and then realise you are a fat baldy mess and sub for a reason.

That pass for the Henderson no goal was wondrous.

4. Richarlison…

Horrible face him. Really objectionable.

Why does he fucking love pigeons so much the fucking pigeon head. What is it with pigeons? The shittest of the birds. Scrabbling about shitting everywhere.

Naughty tackle, that. Would like someone to snap his wings off.

5. Liverpool were great, there…

Genuinely great. Everton are a good side and Liverpool bossed it, a bit of a plonker in goal aside. The balance was there, the work rate, the little interlinked play. Was lovely to see.

The Blues will be made up with that and fair doos to them. It’s as good as it gets for them against The Reds.

Ten fucking years, mate.

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