A thorough Gutter today looking at the transfer landscape as surrounds Liverpool Football Club – and matters external to the transfer committee are the focus.

It starts with Loris Karius. What happened on the pitch last night could possibly have a knock effect on Jürgen Klopp’s plans. Karius has put himself and his manager under massive pressure.

What should Liverpool be looking to do now? Is this something that just has to be sorted out? Who should Liverpool chase?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Juventus will have ramifications across Europe – is there a chance Madrid will chase Sadio Mane? If so what should Liverpool do?

Rob Gutmann is back on Nabil Fekir watch. Fekir is a constant for him this summer.

Xherdan Shaqiri is supposed to be closer to a Liverpool move. Is this a move worth Liverpool making?

Rob Gutmann is in the chair – Mo Stewart, Adam Smith and Paul Cope are all doing the business.

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