It is our long look at a fabulous night for the Mighty Boys In Red. Liverpool progressing to the Champions League final by defeating AS Roma across the two legs. But in his post match comments the Liverpool manager wasn’t at all pleased with the second half performance from his side. What would he like to see them do differently? Who didn’t perform to his standards?

We’re looking at the game in detail, Liverpool’s inability to counter as well as could be expected and the high wire the Roma manager walked across the 90 minutes.

We also look ahead to the final, the players Liverpool could do with getting fit and the side Klopp can hope to put out in the final. What happens between now and May 26th? What is achievable off the pitch?

Working through all of this are Sean Rogers and Neil Atkinson while Rob Gutmann is in the hosting chair. It is our more intense look at an intense night. Liverpool can become by far the greatest team the world has ever seen. It is up for grabs. Let them grab it.

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