The Market: Forward Planning

Rob Gutmann is joined for the second ‘Market’ show of the summer to discuss transfer strategy with Mel Reddy, Ian Ryan, Paul Senior and Neil Docking.

On the latest instalment, the panel discuss Liverpool’s long term strategy and consider the wort of the what if’s and how Liverpool can ensure continuity in crisis.


  1. David Allan

    Great show but too much Senior.

  2. That was brilliant.

    I really enjoyed it. I was hoping I would when I saw the subject matter etc, but it surpassed all that for me. Nice one.

    It got me thinking regarding manager succession planning, and how we could do things differently. The game has changed and managers don’t seem to want to be in positions for long periods of tenure anymore.

    Your discussions got me thinking about when Kenny left. How looking back on it, we would have done anything to have him back.

    Klopp has been open about wanting to stay until the end of the contract, but not any longer than that. I’ve wondered if part of that is just the need to have a break from the game for (insert time period)

    What would we all think if the club granted him a season long break on condition that he returns for another spell? I know it sounds mad and raises more questions than answers. Most of which I can’t be arsed to type on my phone right now…. but what if we approached our managerial succession planning along those lines some way?


    • I think that a) nobody would want the interim job and b) circumstances may dictate that all parties need a change by then, much as I’d hate that to be the case. In fact, we’re kidding ourselves if we imagine some people couldn’t be dumb enough to want a change by the 27th of May, in the event of us getting tonked the night before (or even beaten on pens). The club should really just be trying to find someone with a not too dissimilar outlook and methods, now that Klopp has established the blueprint.

      • @Martin Yup agree with you wrote. Klopp is so unique that just trying to have an interim solution as @G proposed would affect all round.

        Imagine for eg., qualifying for CL, winning a cup, etc, to suddenly losing and being outside of top 4. Klopp coming back from vacation will need another vacation to recover.

  3. extend anfield road for more income for the club but be fair to the support trying to buy tickets.

    I think in recent years we have been lucky with top players but we cant have been that lucky getting top players of Liverpool quality and that’s high level. they may come and go but we are doing well to recruit a player and the manager is boss literally with his hand identifying, bring on the big cup final

  4. I find the constant cheerleading by Mel a bit exhausting. I think that the club is doing a great job and I think Melissa does a great job. However, giving a PR response to every answer isn’t really analysis.

    • Titus_Red

      You do realize that you claiming LFC are doing a great job is more LFC PR than anything Mel said in this podcast. Her affiliation to the club will always make a few people wary like yourself.
      But suggesting Mel is doing PR for the club is uttter nonsense.
      One of the most balanced and fairly assessing auteurs in football.
      Her contributions and articles always aim to provide perspective.

      • Auteur? That word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

        Anyway, this podcast was a perfect example of Mel doing her LFC PR thing and highlights precisely why she has no credibility in my eyes.

        When Rodgers was manager, Mel was constantly going on about the split between manager and transfer committee and how Brendan needs this and Brendan needs that because if he gets what he wants, Brendan will be able to do this and Brendan will be able to do that and oh! if only the transfer committee could see what a genius Brendan is.

        It actually got pretty tiresome at the time.

        During this podcast however, she states that the manager and transfer committee were not “singing from the same page” and goes on to say that the transfer committee undoubtably got 80% of their decisions correct and it was the manager at fault.

        This directly contradicts what she was saying at the time. Why? Because she was doing a PR job then and she’s doing a PR job now.

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