The Gutter: Little Fekir

Rob Gutmann was joined for the latest instalment of his blockbusting ‘Gutter’ show by Steve Graves, Rick McEvoy and John Gibbons to pour over all the early summer transfer goss.


  1. If we are in the market for a backup goalkeeper.. what is wrong with Danny Ward?

  2. Was expecting more about Fekir himself

  3. Was hoping to hear about Fekir as well. Good pod regardless. Would it make sense to have Gutters go very in-depth about ceritified transfer targets? Pearce confirmed our interest in him.

  4. paul mckenzie

    Wait wait wait

    Since when is losing all these a normal season?

    clyne starting rb all season early
    Lallana early all season

    Can season ending
    Matip season ending
    Gomez season ending

    Lovren and Henderson on and off
    Mane for a while

    This is a lot!!!!

    • paul mckenzie

      And Chamberlain season ending too

      • this is the problem – you simply can’t have an unending squad of +1 options.
        The weird thing is we lost 2 RBs, 2 CBs, 2 holding mids in Can and Henderson for periods, 2 transition midfielders (Lallana and Oxlade).
        Its really unfortunate to lose both of your options in very specific positions but you simply don’t go and buy a 3rd or 4th option in the summer just in case. It really doesn’t work that way, what does happen is the manager earns his wages by using what he does have.

  5. FelixKrull

    The obvious alternative to Jorginho is Julian Weigl. His ceiling is sky high & he’s better defensively than the Napoli man. Bad injury last season & contracted till 2021 though. The type of midfielders we go for will reveal so much about how the team plays going forward. A lot hangs in the balance.

  6. ruben neves ..

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