Our long look at the game which puts Liverpool’s Champions League hopes under significant pressure. We have a look at:

  • How Liverpool approached the game.
  • How the early going played out for The Reds.
  • The approach Chelsea took in the game.
  • The nature of the goal Liverpool conceded.
  • The lack of a midfielder to join the attack.
  • What Jurgen Klopp could have done differently.
  • Dominic Solanke’s performance when he came on.

It is the sort of game which has never been easy for any Liverpool side but could The Reds have done better? How much did the context of the match have a knock on effect for Liverpool? We also have a conversation about sharpness and how we can see its knock on effects for this game. It could well be tough against Brighton next weekend as well. We have a look into that one.

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